Bucket List

No particular order.

check_box Become a Canadian resident
check_box Find a home Build a home
check_box Be a nomad for 3+ years
check_box_outline_blank Live in a small town in Iceland
check_box Buy a bike

check_box Travel to 15+ countries
check_box_outline_blank Travel to 50+ countries
check_box_outline_blank Live in a van
check_box_outline_blank Climb a mountain
check_box Visit New Zealand
check_box_outline_blank Visit Iceland

check_box Lose a ton of weight
check_box_outline_blank Run a marathon

check_box Build a successful startup
check_box Teach a workshop

check_box_outline_blank Read all books on Modern Library’s list of 100 Novels
check_box_outline_blank Read Ulysses
check_box_outline_blank Read the complete works of Shakespeare
check_box_outline_blank Watch the Hamlet in a theatre
check_box Get published
check_box_outline_blank Write a book

2 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. Madison says:

    I love this – especially that you want to conquer one of those trails.
    I used to want to read all of Shakespeare. Why do you want to? Why him, specifically? (just out of curiosity!)

    I bet you’ve already achieved the last one.

    1. Nishant says:

      Hard to say. I like Shakespeare. His works are so rich and diverse, it’s almost like saying I want to read the genre Shakespeare. And so much of modern literature stems from his works. I am reading Ulysses and it feels like I am missing out on many pointers since I haven’t read the Hamlet. That must be true for so many other books.

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